March 10, 2006

Observed on Fourth Avenue

The red neon Guinness sign in the window of Scruffy Murphy's has been illuminated the past two nights. Does this mean Scruffy's may reopen? It's a mystery.

There is a " Subway's " ( sandwich shop ) awning at the store on the southeast corner of 68th Street and Fourth Avenue. That would be a decent addition to the block. And I do like hero sandwiches.


Anonymous said...

I went to orginal pizza over there last afternoon, and that area could use something. seems like every time I go over there seems like more and more a seeddy area, I also noticed the high amount of cop presence, I guess something happened. I saw that yesterday, but I saw just a guiness sign. If Alpine closes that would hurt this area even more, especially that section.

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Sullivan's-Lenin's-Limbrick's-Baja Sports Lounge-Vortex-Chillers-Subway. Store sure has changed a lot last few years, huh? Repair shop across th' street's goin' fer a make-over too it seems.

The Phantom said...

I welcome Subway. Better than another bar.

I remember back in the 70s there was a ton of bars in that block - Lion Rampant, Curran's, Joe Major's, Rob Roy, and whatever the bar on 68th and Fourth was called.

Now there are no bars. I'd welcome Scruffy's back...Sean ran a good place...but it is good to have fewer bars.

I wish a destination store like Blockbuster or something like that would come to this block.

There should be plenty of opportunity for a landlords / business operators in this area.

In the meantime, I will go well out of my way to support the many good businesses around here.