May 06, 2006

Bay Ridge Red Light Camera- 86th Street

Red Light Cameras 019, originally uploaded by Phantom Photo.

This red light camera is in the eastbound side of 86th Street, near Fort Hamilton Parkway in Bay Ridge Brooklyn, right outside Nathan's.

If you cross Fort Hamilton Parkway against the light on 86th Street, this camera will take your photo. You'll get the photo in the mail, along with a fine of $100 or so. These things are at various places in the city. I was a passenger in a car on Hylan Boulevard in Staten Island a few years ago and the driver took the light one night. There was a large flash of light, followed by a ticket

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Anonymous said...

It was the first time I took out my Miata. Everyone knows this car is extremely small and I am EXTREMELY careful with it. THERE IS NO WAY I would go through a red light. PROBLEM I received a ticket and someone told me that if I fight it they would know who was driving and I would receive points on my license. In the 30 years I've been driving I HAVE NEVER RECEIVED A MOVING VIOLATION. It is my opinion that the light misfunctions and takes pictures too soon. Like (I'm sure) many other I figured it was easier topay the ticket. Besides how does anyone fight a picture. THIS LIGHT SHOULD BE CHECKED FOR ACCURACY.