May 29, 2006

Fairway Supermarket Opens In Brooklyn

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The Brooklyn Dodgers Sym-Phony band still exists. They performed at the opening of the Red Hook Brooklyn Fairway Supermarket.

I opened my plastic bag of advertising circulars today, and what do I see for the first time ever, but a circular for Fairway Market. They've opened a big new store in Red Hook.

Bay Ridge is so desperately underserved for supermarkets --wonder why you can't drive two blocks without running into a Fresh Direct truck?--that there will surely be lots of people from Bay Ridge making the drive from Bay Ridge to Red Hook.

Bay Ridge basically only has two big supermarkets- Key Food and Foodtown on Third Avenue. Though they do the best they can, they're not that big, and are overcrowded on the weekend.

So, if you have a car, you may want to consider a trip to Fairway in Red Hook. Fairway is a great operation- the Broadway store in Manhattan has an immense selection of great food at fair prices. And Red Hook is not that far. And it is NOT the " bad neighborhood " that it once was.

Maybe Bay Ridge will get a huge quality supermarket someday. Don't hold your breath.



Pathmark ain't that far away on 13th Ave.

The Phantom said...

No its not. But its a pain if you don't have a car.

I will occasionally take the train to New Utrecht on the way back from Manhattan, shop at Pathmark, then take the B9 bus back down to Bay Ridge. But normal people don't do this.


True dat. Too bad they closed my store, huh? (That story I put in a comment in yer entry about the new supermarket that opened a couple months ago.)

Anonymous said...

The Duane Reade on Senator Street should have been a supermarket, not another drugstore. That could solve some problems.


Heh and that's the store I was talkin' about too.