January 23, 2007

Bay Ridge to Commerce Bank: Drop Dead

Word has it that New Jersey based Commerce Bank, currently under investigation
>by the Feds, wants to barge into the neighborhood demolish the Tiffany Diner and build one of their banks on the ruins.

Listen, "Jersey Boys"--Bay Ridge loves the Tiffany Diner, and will not tolerate a bunch of Swamp Rats coming in here to steal it away from us. So get your ass back across the Verrazano Bridge, and keep driving west until you you reach Cherry Hill.

We have enough banks. We do NOT have enough good diners. Get lost!



Anonymous said...

Stopping the bank, if the project is as-of-right, is very difficult. But getting them to do a proper building for your neighborhood is very possible:


Alan said...


I expect to see news footage of you chained to the diner in the near future. Good luck! You'll surely need it.

Bill said...

I think the bank is a fine idea. But Commerce Bank should split the ground floor with a Rite Aid or Eckerd. I think the people within a block or two are under served. Commerce should also build three stories of apartments to make some money off the mortgages. The additional residents can take advantage of the ample street parking the neighborhood provides.

Anonymous said...

Eventhough the Tiffany is not what it use to be I'd be very sad to see it go. I remember when it first opened back in the mid to late 60's I believe and it was one of my family's favorite places.

Phantom is right enough banks already!

Lee-Shak said...

could you give me a call at 347-517-5255 ASAP--thanks

Anonymous said...

When was the last time you ate there?

Anonymous said...

I am tired of banks everywhere. They clear out many people because those persons can't manage their finances wisely. They get new and new credit cards and run into debt. Sadly and silly, isn't it?