January 14, 2007

Kauai: Kalalau Trail at Na Pali Cliffs

On Wednesday, January 3, I went on a hike on the Kalalau Trail, on the north shore of Kauai, by the Na Pali Cliffs.

This is an a beautiful, undeveloped part of the island. This hike was more difficult than I expected. At various points, the trail consisted of mud, or rocks covered with mud, or steep hills with protruding tree roots nicely placed, all the better to trip you with. I fell several several times, once right into the mud. I made quite a sight re-entering the Hilton Hotel at Lihue.

Above, one of the less rugged portions of the trail. ( Photo borrowed from flickr. Once this walk got going, I was too sweaty and tired to want to take out my camera. )

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Yar said...

I did that hike over thirty years ago. I haven't been back to Kauai since then. I grew up on the Big Island but I'v only been back to Hawaii at all three times in the intervening thirty years.

But never back to Kauai. My wife and I will be traveling there this coming spring. We're memoralizing My folks there. I've never shown her Kauai before. I'm really looking forward to it. Maybe hike into Hanakapi'ai. I remember the Kalalau trail is only eleven miles. But I remember it as being eleven rough miles. You are confirming my memory.

And thank you for the memory. I enjoy reading about my favorite hike.