January 28, 2007

Aloha! Sign A Petition for Quality Hawaiian Kona Coffee

Kona Tree, originally uploaded by MonkeyBites.

Hawaii has a coffee industry that is larger than people think. The best coffee comes from the Kona area of the big island of Hawaii.

Kona produces a very high quality product, but it's expensive compared to coffee from Latin America or other places. The workers in Hawaii don't get paid a lot, but even the minimum wage there is a lot more than a Latin American farmworker gets.

Most of Kona's coffee is produced by small farmers. Many of them produce a fabulous product by controlling the entire process-- taking care of the trees year after year, picking the beans, roasting the beans, and in many cases, mailing an astonishing fragrant and delicious product direct to customers in the US and beyond

There are some in the industry who sell coffee with as little as 10% Kona coffee and sell it as "Kona Blend". I've tried it--Kona Blend is 90% garbage, and it brings down the reputation of an excellent, quality industry in Hawaii.

I buy coffee from Kona's Smith Farms who has advised me that two Hawaii State Legislators have introduced bills requiring any blend to be at least 75% Kona coffee in order to use the Kona name. The farmers have sought such a rule for 14 years. An
online petition has been set up to show support for this bill.

The bill may be voted on as early as this week. Show your support for the this quality American industry by signing the petition.

And if you want to order the best coffee you've ever tasted,
order a pound from Smith Farms right now. Its not the cheapest coffee, its just the best.


Skye said...

I like my Costa Rican coffee, especially after soaking in Tabacon Hot Springs.

I'll take a look at the petition.

The Phantom said...

Hey, a warm welcome to this site.

I like Costa Rican coffee too. Au Bon Pain sold, or used to sell Costa Rican coffee, and I found it very good.

But tomorrow, I expect a one pound package from Smith Farms in my mail. From the farmer that grew it on his farm and roasted it at the farm a few days ago. It's really good!

Anonymous said...

Mmm.....absolutely tempting.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you coming out in favor of government intervention in the market, Phantom. [grin]

I've ordered from Smith Farms before, but only as a gift for others -- I've never tasted it myself.

Our neighborhood coffee roaster, D'Amico, stocks an amazing coffee from Kauai. It's very different from Kona, obviously -- tastes more like a South American coffee -- but it's also incredibly rich and tasty.

Anonymous said...

Oops, wrong link, above. I meant this D'Amico, not that other one.

The Phantom said...


I will check d'amico out

I'm just a simple truth in advertising guy. The 10% "Kona" stuff is 90% cat litter. It enrages me that even stores in Hawaii sell that stuff and let people think that they are getting Kona.