April 13, 2007

Imus / Open Letter to CBS (updated)

I restate that I've not been a fan of the Imus show for a long time. BUT I think that the events of this past week betray immense hypocrisy on the part of WFAN, CBS, Les Moonves, and Sumner Redstone.

The punishment --firing him from his radio show-- does NOT fit the crime.

I'm powerless to affect these national events, but the Phantom always does what he can. And here's what I am doing:
  • getting a list of every sponsor who bailed on the program, and boycotting them. Two can play this boycott game. My investments were with TD Ameritrade, which bailed? Not anymore. Today, I effected a complete account transfer to their competitor ETrade.
  • not listening to WFAN. Not that I listened to them much anymore.
  • I just made a contribution to the
WFAN Radiothon Charity
This is the charity that Imus has run for years, and, as it has already been set up through WFAN, it is too late to change it. I encourage anyone and everyone to donate big to this worthwhile charity, either via the above link or to call in at 877-877-6464 for as long as it lasts. And if you care to you can leave a comment such as the one I gave on the web link:

I am not even an Imus fan, but I think that WFAN and CBS and Les Mooves are here guilty of immense moral cowardice.

You did not do what you did for any moral reason--you caved like the gutless dogs you are.

I oppose racism--you do not. When you cave to Al Sharpton, you prove yourself to be the lowest of the low.

Please consider me your enemy for life.


(Phantom's Real Name)

Update: The following article, from Newsday, I only see now. Mike and the Mad Dog made a strong defense of Imus, on WFAN, yesterday. More power to them. That takes some balls. Sure, they're big acts, but lots of people in their position would have taken the opportunity to talk about anything else.

National satellite and FM radio shock jocks Opie and Anthony, who are not my style, have been very strong in support of Imus through the past week. This morning, I actually tuned in WFAN to see if the Radiothon was going to take place. It was--hosted by Deirdre Imus--and I tuned in just in time to hear Opie and Anthony call their rival radio station, live, in order to express support for the Radiothon charity and for Imus.

Good for Opie and Anthony.

Howard Stern as far as I could tell offered no support to Imus this week. When the time came to step up, he was nowhere to be seen. He was probably doing fart jokes. What a weakling.

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