April 30, 2007

Congestion Pricing: Clarification from City Councilman Gentile

From City Councilman Gentile's Office:

I think we were misrepresented in the papers as being against congestion pricing. We were saying it's unfair to charge for entering Manhattan without first providing fast, reliable, and environmentally friendly public transportation. Mainly, to have a more reliable R train and give Bay Ridge ferry service from the 69th Street Pier before congestion pricing.

Enjoy New Orleans.


Eric Kuo
Communications Director
Office of Council Member Vincent J. Gentile


OK, point taken. I think that ferry service from 69th Street would indeed be a good thing, and the R train service--especially in the hours after 9pm needs improvement. The N trains roll by one after another, while we wait at 59th Street.

Congestion pricing is IMHO a good idea even in the absence of these things, but the Mayor promised improvements in service, and Bay Ridge deserves its fair share.

BTW, I wore an "R Train" t shirt at the festival, which attracted a lot of comment there!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, please! We need better subway service from Bay Ridge into Manhattan. The R train is horrible, and it seems to take forever to come at night.

I wish there was some kind of express line from 95th or 86th, perhaps stopping at 59th, 36th, Atlantic, and then downtown - maybe Wall St stop or something.

Taking the R all the way to Rector takes about 45 minutes.