April 22, 2007

Thriftee To Close

I walked past Thriftee the other day, only to see a sign that said ( approximately ) that "After 62 years, we will be closing ". Wow, it's been there since the mid 1940s, when the trolleys were running along Fifth Avenue.

This store does not look like its been doing well for a long, long time. Despite the fact that I live only a bit more than two blocks away, I haven't purchased anything there in over 20 years. Or longer.

Why? The store, and the stuff on its shelves, has always, always, been shabby.

So, while its a bit sad to see a landmark business go, this is no great loss.

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Anonymous said...

As a lifelong Bay Ridge resident, I only recently discovered Thriftee and it quickly became my favorite store, particularly since Dee and Dee closed. Sure, the can opener I bought there broke on the second use, and the tie I bought for $0.50 has a big rip in it, but wakling in there is like walking into a timewarp...it looks like nothing's changed in there in at least thirty years. A fascinating place to walk around, I'm sad to see it go.