September 16, 2007

Sunday Music: "New York, New York" by Liza and Pavarotti

Liza and Pavorotti sing "New York, New York" " at the 1006 "Pavarotti & Friends" concert in Modena, Italy

This song became associated with Sinatra, but Liza sang it first, and if you ask me, best.

Its her song. And what can you say about the great Pavorotti? How cool was he?


Anonymous said...

He was extremely gifted. But, I don't reckon that there is a proper word to describe his talent. :)

The Phantom said...

Found this little gem, Pavarotti with James Brown, in Modena,Italy, broadcast live on RAI TV..each of them singing their own art, for a beautiful result. Funny to see how they react to one another. James Brown looks like the happiest guy who ever lived.

Anonymous said...

I love Lisa Minelli..!