December 09, 2007

WABC- Curtis Sliwa in "internal exile"

The Phantom sent a team of psychic detectives to read the minds of WABC Program Director Phil Boyce and NY radio star Curtis Sliwa. Here's what we found:

  • Both Curtis Sliwa and Ron Kuby want to re-establish their show on another radio station
  • Four radio stations have already expressed interested in hosting a new Curtis and Kuby show
  • Ron Kuby does not have any current radio gig, and could move tomorrow morning. Curtis Sliwa, though, is still under contract with WABC for another 2 1/2 years. Though they don't want him for themselves, their strategy is to "warehouse" Curtis in the 5am-6am slot, when he still can be heard, and guest hosting at other times. The idea is to protect doddering imbecile Imus from the Curtis/Kuby team, which had killed Imus in the ratings for years.
  • Curtis has played the loyal soldier here. He has not criticized WABC at any time for its treachery. But he's no dummy. He has hired an attorney to help resolve the contract issue.
  • If WABC is smart, it will let Curtis Sliwa out of his contract. If they do not, they will soon have a war--not so much with Curtis Sliwa, but with an army of their listeners, who are very angry with the way Curtis Sliwa and Ron Kuby have been treated.
One good note WABC has rehired the great John Batchelor for the Sunday night, 7-10pm slot. So, there actually is good programming on WABC for eight hours a week. From 5 to 6am Monday through Friday, when Curtis holds his remnant of a show, and on Sunday from 7-10pm. The rest of the day, its Russ Limbahhh and Mark Levin yelling at people.

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Anonymous said...

Shame on WABC - if the Sliwa/Kuby team had consistantly beat Imus in the ratings in that same time slot, which I understand it did,why dump success to rescue Imus from deserved unemployment? Let's hope Curtis is released and paid in full for the remaining 2.5 years of his contract ASAP, and that he and Kuby team up soon on another station. I won't be listening to morning radio again until that happens and clearly I am only one among many many of their listeners who miss them and their unique and entertaining on air relationship.