December 18, 2007

John Batchelor Show Returns to the Radio

America's long national nightmare is over.

The John Batchelor Show is back on the radio. Unfortunately, not five nights a week like it should be, but on Sundays 7-10pm Eastern time on WABC 77 AM in New York, and 7-10pm Pacific time on KFI Los Angeles.

This is a serious public affairs show, more fun and punchy than any PBS news show, with sources around the block or in Uzbekistan that anyone would be proud of.

If you you're from outside NYC and want to hear the John Batchelor Show over the internet, try WABC 7-10pm Soundays Eastern time, or on KFI, 7-10pm Pacific time (or 10pm Sunday-1am Monday, Eastern time)

this Sunday night.

Now, guys...lets get this show on more often !

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