December 04, 2007

Pole Dancers on the R Train to Bay Ridge

Here's the MTA's latest improvement to R train service to Bay Ridge. They never stop thinking about ways to improve your ride.

This reminds one of the Daisy's Drum strip club up on Fifth Avenue near 83rd Street. It later became Peggy O'Neill's pub. I never went in there, but Kenny told me what went on. I was shocked, and had to go in to investigate.


Mark said...

Thank you, MTA. So the "R" stands for "raunchy?"

The Phantom said...

Its a constant party on that train, night and day. I swear to God. The best $2 anyone ever spent.

Anonymous said...

Those girls definitely look like NYU arts majors to me.

BTW, is it true they won $10k from for this "dare?"

The Phantom said...


I don't know. I just found this last night, screwing around on youtube.

And its really several different subway lines--I think that the R is one of them--along with the N and maybe the A.

There are so many sight gags, I've seen this thing about twenty times now.

Anonymous said...

So what you're saying is that you found this video by googling "pole dancing."

The Phantom said...

Googled "New York Subway"

There's a number of interesting clips taken on the NY subway system

Anonymous said...

Do they realize that every humanly transmittable virus you can think of has been found living and replicating on subway poles/floors? Even the flesh eating virus was found on an NYC subway pole. I wouldn't touch it with my hand, let alone rub around on it...but each to her own I guess.