September 28, 2008

Last Days for Bay Ridge Methodist Church

They've erected a wooden fence all around the Bay Ridge Methodist Church. It's not high enough to hide the crime about to take place.

As I took this photo today, a man stopped by and said that he felt so very sad about what was happening. His take on it was that all everyone cared about was money these days.

"Maybe we'll see the building again in the next life" he said. We shook hands and I moved on.


The NY Daily News has an excellent on line poll which will allow you to vote on whether the Mets should "keep or dump" various players, as well as Minaya and Manuel. Great fun.

Vote early and vote often.


Anonymous said...

I'm very sorry to hear that, Phantom. You guys fought the good fight.

Anonymous said...


Having grown up in Bay Ridge like yourself, I feel your pain. This was at one time a beautiful fixture. But there comes a time when you have to wonder if the church itself didn't outlive its usefulness, especially when you see the way the neighborhood is developing around it.

Halal meat stores on every corner, crappy box Fedders houses where beautiful single family homes once stood. Everyone is crying profit for the sake of profit here, but is it? These people are going to continue doing important work in the community, which is something they should be allowed to do. They're not selling an overpriced house so they can retire on a beach somewhere.

The Phantom said...


Sorry, I don't buy it.

I think that Pastor Emerick got his back up at an early stage, when productive discussions could have taken place.

It is incredible the amount of good will that could have been generated had a bit less money been accepted for a plan that would have saved a lovely and irreplaceable building.

I think that some of the statements made --that the building was structurally unsound in some way-- were dishonest or were damned close to it.

These guys got their thirty pieces of silver. I hope that they choke on it.

Marlene McGarrity said...

Money seems to be the name of the game in Brooklyn these days.

When voting for new officials comes around next year, we need to remember to vote those who didn't care out of office.

JG said...

That's a pity Phantom, looks like a lovely building.

straightshooter said...

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Anonymous said...

Better save that picture. They have begun to dismantle. Bye bye greeny