September 21, 2008

Goodbye Yankee Stadium

Yankee Stadium will soon no longer be with us.

On the broadcast tonight, they showed Reggie Jackson at the ballpark yesterday He was in the black seats, in deepest centerfield. Trying to find the exact spot where he hit a monster home run, the third of three consecutive home runs in the final game of the 1977 World Series clincher vs the Dodgers. Wearing sunglasses, crying.

So many great moments here, it's silly to even list them. I don't accept that they're tearing it down.

Hate to see you go, buddy. And where does the time go.


Speaking of doomed treasures, I tried to take photos of the Bay Ridge Methodist Church yesterday. It was impossible to get a decent angle with the gates locked so I didn't bother. The large round stained glass window has been removed, as have some of the windows on the side. The weeds are out of control. Its a sad sight.


Lutheran Elementary School of Bay Ridge
Attention Lutheran Elementary School Alumni: Send us your name, address, and email so we don’t lose touch. Lutheran Elementary School, 440 Ovington Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11209, Attn: Alumni Office or for news and information about your former classmates and teachers. (Hold the Date: Nov. 7 "Night at the Races”)


The Green Hornet said...

I hate that school, I think it belongs to the Nazi party.

The Green Hornet said...

Phantom, I can't believe you put something down in your blog for this Nazi school. They kicked old people out of their apts. when they took over the apt. building next to the church. DOWN with LES!!!!

The Green Hornet said...

Why is everybody so sad with the closeing of the Stadium. I was sadden when they did the renovation to the old Stadium. Now that was a real good Stadium. thank you george or should i say hank now.

Anonymous said...

A stadium of memories.