November 21, 2008

69th Street Key Food Delayed

I called Key Food and they said that the 69th Street location is now scheduled to open in January 2009.

I am back from sunny Israel and will resume blogging soon.

Tonight, I expect to write on the major cuts in subway and bus service --the elimination of the W train and X27 and X28 buses, and the elimination of M train service to west Brooklyn, and how this will impact Bay Ridge and surrounding neighborhoods.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your blog on the elimination of the X27 and X28 on the weekends. This will really impact my life, and I am very concerned. Is there anything we can do to fight this?

Anonymous said...

This sucks all I can say, I hope our elected officials are listening on this one.

Anonymous said...

how close does that look like the swede?

Anonymous said...

January 2009?? That's really disappointing. I've been waiting so long for decent shopping to walk to.