November 08, 2008

Hi from Tel Aviv, Israel

Alec Baldwin said he'd leave the country if Bush was elected, but he wasn't man enough to do it

I said that I would leave the country if Obama was elected, and I have just backed it up. I flew to Tel Aviv Friday night, and am now in a small hotel on Allenby Street in town.

Now, it is possible that I will return to Brooklyn some day (perhaps a week from now) but for now, I'm going to hang out in and near Tel Aviv.

I'm very tired, so that's it for now. I bid you adieu from my exile!!


Anonymous said...

I hope you can make a deal too.!!!

The Phantom said...

Ah, a nice sleep-in now I can start moving around on a nice morning.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Mom said they don't have beer in Israel. I said you would never go to a country that didn't have beer. Who's right?

Rob K said...

Speaking of the Baldwins, Stephen Baldwin promised to move to Canada if Obama was elected.

Wonder if he'll be man enough to keep his word. Here's your tuque, Steve, what's your hurry?

Anonymous said...

Tell your Mom there's WAY too much beer in Tel Aviv :)

Anonymous said...

Post some pictures of your trip when you get back, Phantom.

Ann said...

Israel is a fantastic place to be. Are you Jewish?

The Phantom said...


No, not Jewish! Irish American, taught by the nuns of Our Lady of Angels in Brooklyn!


Will do


I would have brought some Israeli beer back, but my bag was heavy enough as it is. The Maccabee beer was fairly good.