December 01, 2008

Israel Photos - First Set

The trip to Israel was all too short, but I'm glad that I went. I had been to Haifa in 1979 aboard the USS Albany back in 1979, but that was a long time ago. I stayed in Tel Aviv and made day trips out of town on three days. The rest of the time I just hung out.

The first photo was in the middle of the Old City, which is filled with tiny stores and stalls.

This is a sweaty me at the Wailing Wall- one of only two things in Jerusalem that I wanted to see.

Some of the elders are having a very tough time. I left wishes for their recovery in cracks in the Wailing Wall.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Is that youin the picture? shalom

Anonymous said...

Like the hat. Think you should wear all the time.

The Phantom said...

I can't. It was a flimsy cardboard yarmulke for visiting goys.

Even for the few minutes I wore it the thing kept blowing off

JG said...

I've been there and worn the cardboard hat! Mine kept coming off too.

I thought the Holy Sepulchre was interesting too. But boy do those monks defend their turf. It seems sad to me and very unchristian.

I'm sure you heard abou this.

The Phantom said...

Those monks were a disgrace

Even when I went to Jerusalem before, I had a bad feeling about the Christian sites. That they might not even be the genuine places from the Bible.

There's no doubt about the Wall.

JG said...

We did both the stations of the cross and the Holy Sepulchre with a guide. He said that since Jerusalem had been destroyed twelve times it was impossible to be sure they were the sites from the bible. Same goes for Church of the Nativity and Shepards' Field in Bethlehem. Still intersting to visit though.

And yeah, there is no doubt about the wall!

Unknown said...

it's wonderfull to be in jerusalim...Ihope that some day i;ll be there,,,