March 31, 2009

Bay Ridge Blog to Become a Paid-Only Site

Doing a blog takes time, and my time is worth plenty. So, effective 1201 am on April 15, 2009, this blog will only be available to those who pay for a subscription.

Google does pay me a pittance for the adsense ads, but I want more. Someone has to pay me for my Time Warner high speed internet, subscriptions to magazines, luxury travel on the express bus. Plus the odd expense account dinner at Embers to meet with sources.

Subscriptions will run $75.99 a year, via Paypal. It's cheaper than the NY Times, and lets face it, its a lot more fun. ( $10 a year if you pay in cash at Three Jolly Pigeons Sunday night )

You know it's worth it. So pay up.


Anonymous said...

This is the best April fools joke ever.
The Phantom is very smart too.

Pablo said...

Why just $76? We love this informative, non-biased blog so much we're willing to pay much more. How about $176? We'll send you a check, payable to the Phantom, aka "Derek Jeter".

The Phantom said...


You do have a point there.

But these are tough economic times, so I decided to take it easy

BestViewInBrooklyn said...

Sounds great! Does that mean I get a cut if I link to you? ;)

Anonymous said...

Just when I was starting to enjoy this site.

Like they say - everyone is out to make a buck!

Anonymous said...

Whats a lifetime membership go for? and where do you meet for that payment? and who's buying the drinks?

The Phantom said...

A lifetime membership costs only $799.

For in person under the table payments, meet me at Three Jolly Pigeons on 68th and Third Avenue at 3am on April 12. I'll be the one in the Phantom outfit.

JPentek said...

HAAAAAA! I was sitting here, like WTF???? Then I realized the April's fool. You get me every year. You think I would learn.