March 17, 2009

New Connection Between Whitehall Street and South Ferry Station

Click to enlarge, so you can appreciate the nice tilework.

They opened a new, better South Ferry station yesterday. The main beneficiaries are " 1 " train riders connecting with the Staten Ferry.

But it also provides a free transfer between the R and 1 train--very good for Brooklyn subway riders traveling to lots of places on the West Side of Manhattan.

If you're going to Tribeca or other places on the West Side, this is worth a try. Ttake the last car of the R train to Whitehall Street. Go up stairs, and walk past the tree tilework and down the stairs to northbound 1 train.

It can be a better way to connect to the West Side IRT lines than the hellish Pacific St/Atlantic Avenue connection, and it's fewer steps than the Borough Hall option. And since this is the first stop of the 1 train, you'll often get a seat.

Check it out.


NY1 reports on how a call by Sidney Levine to the station got NY City off it's dead ass to restore street signs and lights on 86th Street and Third Avenue

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