June 23, 2009

Baracklyn Cyclones - Phantom Meets Barack Obama

Minor league baseball is great fun - you see good athletes who hope to play in the big leagues some day in a small arena setting. For much less money than the thieving major leagues would charge you.

But its a lot more than that. The minor leagues are fun . The low cost regime allows for the stands to be jam packed with families and young kids. There are loads of activities designed for those kids, and their parents.

And the teams will do anything for the sake of fun. Tonight, the Brooklyn Cyclones, who play their games beneath Coney Island's Parachute Jump, made the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of fun. They re-named their team for one night in honor of the election of Barack Obama. They became the the Baracklyn Cyclones

And the world was amazed when Barack Obama himself arrived at Keyspan Park to throw out the first ball. He made it a point to seek out the Phantom. Here, we shook hands after some extended policy discussions on Iran or one of them countries that begins with an I. It was like Nixon traveling to China, but I'm not sure who the Nixon is in this situation.

Barack Obama was not the only celebrity to attend the Cyclones game tonight. King Henry himself was there, from England or Bensonhurst, or one of them foreign places. Here, he says hello to Angelina, Bobby, and Keri, as we move from left to right.

Tonight's tickets cost $5 each. For that, we all had the best time. They announced Keri's birthday on the PA system, and she so loved that. If you're in the Brooklyn-centric universe, I highly recommend a trip to see the Brooklyn Cyclones

If you're in the US or Canada but not in near Brooklyn, I recommend that you attend a minor league game near you. It's good, it's very good, and I intend to see the Cyclones again this year.


Baracklyn Cyclone night as reported by Brooklyn Eagle
NY Daily News
the Staten Island Advance which reports that some Brooklyn fans hated the "gimmick"


Anonymous said...

Which one is the Phantom?

The Phantom said...

The good looking one On the left!

Anonymous said...

I'm the good looking one On the right.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! Where are the group ones?

The Phantom said...

Will email or post tonight

crabby lady said...

Will the Phantom be considered for a cabinet post down the line?

Anonymous said...

why was i blessed with this musical talent?

Car Reviews said...

I have read this post and found it very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you like the Cyclones Phantom. Hows your other favorite baseball team doing these days? LOL!!!!