February 08, 2010

Everyone in New Orleans Hits the Lottery on the Same Night

I don't know how many of youze have been to New Orleans, but if you haven't what the hell's wrong with you?

In it's deeply flawed on so many levels way, it's one of the great cities of America or anywhere else. There's a gentleness and a relaxed air there that is unlike what you will find in any other US city. And an accent that will make you think you're in NY or Jersey. And lots of great food. Plus you can drink an open beer walking down the street. But I digress.

Hearing the old timers growing up, I heard of the night when the Brooklyn Dodgers won the World Series in 1955, beating the hated New York Yankees after decades of trying. People were overcome with joy. The little guy finally beat Goliath. The bars, which normally closed at 4am in the afternoon, stayed open till way after the sun rose the next day. Everyone was filled with joy, as though everyone hit the lottery at once.

I think this night is like that in New Orleans. They've been kicked in the head a few times, but they get back up. It's been proven that they know how to party. But the party they have tonight, is gonna be way better than the one they get at Mardi Gras, which comes soon. This may be better than ten Mardi Gras.

I wish I was in New Orleans tonight, for the mother of all parties.

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Anonymous said...

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