February 21, 2010

" Goodnight Irene " by the Weavers

The Weavers were a New York City based folk group who was pretty famous from the late forties to the mid sixties.

They were lefties who got caught in the McCarthy thing. But they sure could sing, and if this is what a bunch of Commies sounds like we could use more of them.


The first R train to Manhattan leaves 95th St at 521am tomorrow. I hope to be on it.

And then I'll be at the Knicks game Monday night. By pure luck, I will be there on the second annual Legends Night where Willis Reed and Walt Frazier will be honored at halftime.

And then its to Bermuda Tuesday and Wednesday for work. Meet me at the Hamilton Princess for a beer Tuesday night.

Back during the wintry mix on Wednesday. Cheers.


I called Key Food corporate HQ in Staten Island on Monday - they say that the 69th St store is projected to open in another six weeks. I give up - someone's not been giving us the whole story on this.

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