February 05, 2010

Key Food on Bay Ridge Avenue

Informed sources say that the new projected opening date for the 69th St Key Food is Sunday Feb 28.

They didn't say which year


Kenny advises that he saw them cleaning out the Sunnydale Farms store on Third and 68th the other day. Hopefully some reconstruction is on the way?


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Anonymous said...

By sheer coincidence, the "$10 off any purchase over $50" coupons that Key Food widely distributed also expire on the exact same day.

Anonymous said...

Good grief - I moved to Bay Ridge 3 years ago and I have been waiting for one decent supermarket the whole time. And I'm still skeptical that this one will fit the bill being located on what is essentially a side street and all. Well, time will tell.

The Phantom said...

The location, on a two way side street heavily used by bus and other traffic is genuinely weird. And having the parking lot across that busy street is weirder still

Yet it is within walking distance of a hell of a lot of people, including me! That alone could make it a success, if they do it right.

The construction has been a huge botch job - but i don't care so long as it is good once they open it.

And I think it will be good for many of the other local stores - there will be lots of additional foot and other traffic in that area.