June 27, 2010

Last B37 Third Avenue Bus

Saturday, June 27, 1150pm.

The last northbound B37 bus pulls out of the Bay Ridge Avenue stop, pauses at the light, and then heads to downtown Brooklyn, never to be seen again.


Anonymous said...

Good stuff ! Keep up the good work. And please check out my latest blog entries-- I drive to Brooklyn from Florida; I just posted the Bay Ridge installment... heavily illustrated!
Enjoy : )


Unknown said...

Farewell B37, my faithful ride to A&S, the pool at the Y, and the 73rd Street library. Brooklyn was the world.

Anonymous said...

Bye B37 it is missed big time. Now we deal with the attack for the ever increasing Staten Island bus lines! Bus lines that choke our streets with traffic. Leaving 86th and 87th street on 4th ave looking like a Bus depot!
Locals dealing with the tide of Staten Islanders flooding our local train station, which was to small to deal with the foot traffic even before this mess came to be.
I miss the Bay Ridge of old!