June 25, 2010

Last Days for Third Avenue Bus

This morning, I commuted to work using the B-37 ( Third Avenue ) bus.

There were a lot of regulars on the bus, for whom this was their normal means of commuting. They greeted their fellow passengers with hellos, hugs and kisses. One woman hugged the bus driver upon leaving.

They'll all have to find a new way to get to work come Monday.

A woman in dark glasses drove the bus. " I used to take the bus all the time when I was a girl ", she said. " I grew up in the neighborhood ".

I wished her well, and transferred to the A train at Hoyt Schermerhorn for the ride to lower Manhattan.

Tonight, I plan to take the last-ever M train out of lower Manhattan. It will leave Fulton St at just after 7pm. I'll get off at Lawrence St and catch the Third Avenue bus at Willoughby St, for my last ride on the B37.

The B37 fades into history at 1201am Sunday. If you want to ride it for the last time, you'd better get going

The B37 stops at Third Avenue and 37th St, Friday, June 25, 740pm

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Anonymous said...

There's still a bus down 3rd Avenue - the new schedule says it will run slightly less frequently than the old bus at certain times of the day (which was pretty darn infrequent already by my taste), and overnight service is gone, but for those who need it and who aren't completely turned off as I am by having to actually pull out a schedule and look at it, it's still there.

I'm even considering using the new B70 to check out 8th Avenue, considering it passes by my house now. I never had any desire to take the old B37 beyond Bay Ridge since that area is a total wasteland.