December 28, 2010

Mayor Bloomberg's Block Doesn't have Snow!

The image to the left - Mike Bloomberg's block

The image to the left - a block in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn

Image courtesy of Sheepshead Bites. I like their attitude.

In Staten Island, the street in front of the Sanitation Commissioner's house is in great shape The rest of Staten Island, not so much. ( NY Daily News )

NYC, its mayor, and its Sanitation Department have performed horribly over the past few days. This has been a collapse of management, and there are reports of large numbers of Sanitation Dept employees calling in " sick "

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A bunch of good Bay Ridge snow pictures here in Bay Ridge Journal. ( click photos to enlarge )

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More good pictures here at Bay Ridge Talk


Anonymous said...

Gotta agree. I've seen worse storms that we recovered from faster. And didn't leave half of Brooklyn stranded for days (or crammed onto the R train).

The Phantom said...

My block STILL has not been plowed - a very common situation in Brooklyn / Staten Island / Queens

This is the worst performance from the city since the John Lindsay snowstorm.

And Bloomberg's snotty attitude will not be forgotten

Anonymous said...

How can we fire Bloomberg? This is a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

I never thought I'd say this, but... thank goodness for the R train! Somehow I knew that choosing to live steps from the R a couple years ago would pay off some day....

So here it is three days later and I see the N train is STILL out in Brooklyn - the only outage except the Franklin shuttle - also in Brooklyn. WTF? And 12 bus routes still missing in action - 12 more than in any other borough. It sure does look like Brooklyn got the shaft.

As for Bloomberg... barring another grotesque display of Council trickery, I don't suppose he's got his sights on another run for mayor. I don't see him aiming higher, either.

The Phantom said...

See today's NY Post - the Sanitation Unions were playing dirty tricks all throughout this snow storm.

The poor performance was intentional

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised by bloombergs attitude
in acknowleging the storm cleanup,
i feel someone as self absorbed as he
is should not be running city,
time to step down.,

Armando said...

I think it's way past time for this mayor
to step down ,all he does is dictate how
the people of NY should live,
I'm sure his block was the first thing
that was done during the storm ,
while the rest of the city was buried
knee deep in frozen tundra .

The Phantom said...

Bloomberg's snotty attitude throughout this debacle will long be remembered

Anonymous said...

Some decent pictures at