December 08, 2010

R Train to Have New Lawrence St Connection this Friday at 1pm

NY1 reports that the new direct tunnel connection between Lawrence St ( R train ) and Jay St / Borough Hall ( A, C, F trains ) will open Friday, Dec 10.

This will allow free transfers between the stations. Each station will be renamed " Jay Street Metrotech " ( since they will henceforth be a single station )

This will be a handy connection for Bay Ridge commuters heading to destinations on on Eighth Avenue or near the South St Seaport ( A, C) or to the lower East Side or Sixth Avenue, or 63rd St / East Side( F )

There of course has always been a connection with the F at Ninth St, but this connection will involve far fewer stairs.

I will try to take a photo of the new connection this Friday.


Friday reportage from NY Daily News

Photos from Gothamist


Anonymous said...

This is awesome - I often have to take the outbound C and that punishing transfer at 9 St (what is it, three stories??) to the G and another transfer to the C was always such a pain.

The Phantom said...

The connection actually opens at 1pm today - header changed accordingly

I went by there today. There is last minute activity, and there is NY1 truck there ready to report the " big news "

The exit gates at Lawrence St were repainted and are still slightly wet.

Anonymous said...

I rode the R thru there today, twice - one conductor called it "Jay, Lawrence, MetroTech", the other left out "Lawrence" and I saw one woman go "Jay Street?!" all confused... Anyway I like the switch to "Jay Street" - "Lawrence Street" always seemed so obscure. The "MetroTech" appellation, however, remains as obscure as ever. Has anyone actually ever been there...?

BRBR said...

Very good news - I've always wanted to see a connection like this for a very long time