January 30, 2006

The Bay Ridge Paper

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The Bay Ridge Paper is given away for free around here, and it's not half bad. Its published by Brooklyn Paper Publications, the same people who produce the Brooklyn Paper, a similar paper serving Park Slope and Downtown Brooklyn. Both papers include a fair amount of content, including a report on the soon-to-be Brooklyn Nets.

Each edition is posted online as a PDF, if you're out of town, like the gent from Florida who e-mailed earlier today, just hit the above link, then hit Brooklyn Papers, and you'll see the Bay Ridge Paper as a PDF file.

Items from the past two Bay Ridge Paper editions:

Owl's Head Pollution Plant to receive a $20 million " plug " to eliminate funky odors that periodically emerge from open-air tanks
Some downtown block associations going to court to fight demolitions for the Nets Stadium
Nets Owner Bruce Ratner plans to build a temporary 4000 seat stadium in Coney Island to accomodate professional volleyball. The Pro Beach Volleyball Tour will be at Coney Island from August 17-20
Allstate Insurance will write no more new homeowners policies in Brooklyn. This is an effort by them to limit their " exposure " should a major hurricane hit Brooklyn. Since 1821, five hurricanes have hit New York. The map on the paper shows that the worst hit areas would likely Coney Island heading east to Jamaica Bay... but the potentially affected zones would reach deep into the borough. Bay Ridge would be hit much less severely. Most of the neighborhood is uphill from Shore Road.

Keep an eye on the Bay Ridge Paper for future updates.


Anonymous said...

You are right about the Bay Ridge Paper, but not effusive enough. It's more than "not half bad." It's actually a GREAT paper that's getting stronger every week!

The Phantom said...

Hey, I've seen you in the Brooklyn papers and in the New York Post. God, I love the Post.