May 06, 2006

R Train Arrives at Bay Ridge Avenue

As the Manhattan bound R train slows to a halt at Bay Ridge Avenue, a couple seen through the door is about to get on the train.


Anonymous said...

stand clear of the closing doors. This is a 95th street bound R, I love when they announce that.


Anybody else love how they'll hold up an R fer an N, but rarely th' reverse? When I need a goddam N th' doors always close up when th' R pulls in!

Stupid MTA.

The Phantom said...

The MTA is beyond clueless, esp when it comes to Bay Ridge....when I have a minute, will be writing on my pet peeve...the existence of the M train, which can be nearly empty even in rush hour, while there are not enough R trains.

Second beef: the W train, another train that serves few.

These two trains both hurt Bay Ridge by cutting in front of the R train and holding it up.

Have never heard a Bay Ridge politician even address this issue, which affects so many people from Sunset Park and Bay Ridge.

Anonymous said...

I have filed complaints exactly about that, they should bring back the double r, I see no reason why they can't, the funny thing is they have got better bus service on the weekends like the B9 for example, and people don't even need that, they got empty buses constantly, when they can't get better service during the week its a shame. We have suffered so much over the years.