September 24, 2006

Clinton Comes Out Swinging

Just saw President Clinton's interview on Fox News, where he went off on interviewer Chris Wallace during an interview that aired today.

Clinton got angry when Wallace when he was asked " I got a lot of e-mail from viewers.. Most of them wanted me to ask you this question: Why didn't you do more to put bin Laden and Al Qaeda out of business when you were president?"

Clinton said that he had given explicit authorization to the CIA to "get groups together to kill bin Laden"

He also said that he wanted to invade Afghanistan after the USS Cole bombing, but that the CIA and FBI would not certify that Bin Laden was responsible for it. Also, the US at the time did not have basing rights in Uzbekistan, which would have necessitated a Special Forces operation and a (dangerous) night refueling.

He also said that the "right wing" forces at the time thought he was too obsessed with bin Laden.

And you know something? The guy's right. I remember very well when the actions Clinton did take were derided as Wag the Dog or "Monica Missiles"

The fact is that Clinton was attacked by Republican and "right wing" sources for doing what he should have been doing. I voted against Clinton twice, far as I can tell, everything he said in this morning's interview is true.


Bay Ridge notes
  • Needed a small repair on my car this past Monday, and took it to Carma Car Care at 6761 Fourth Avenue in Bay Ridge. ((718) 921-4400) Mike over there did a good job at a fair price.
  • I belong to New York Sports Clubs and today I visited the location near the Belt Parkway/Bay Parkway for the first time in ages. They've made a lot of improvements. The locker room and shower area have been totally rehabbed, and they now have towels for the members to use. Good job. Now let's get some towels at the location on 73rd Street and Third Avenue and I'll be a member forever.

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Eagle said...

Funny. My memory of the media at the time is the Irish left's hyperventilation about Clinton the war criminal or whatever. For the most part, however, the whole thing barely registered as Omagh was on Aug. 15 and (for good reason) dominated the news for weeks.