September 19, 2006

Helen Hunt Making A Movie in Bay Ridge

Atomic Media asked if I knew anything about a movie being filmed in Bay Ridge. I had not, but I did speak to Judy who knew everything. She said " Its a film called "Then She Found Me" written and directed by Helen Hunt. I saw the end of the filming last night on Shore Road- today they are on 3rd. I saw Colin Firth, he is one of the leads in it. if you go to you can see more about the movie.. i think they were on your block last week..."


Antonio from Italy said...

I think that in NYC it's easy to walk into a movie set.
Anyway it's always a great emotions when the crew is right outside your window, isn't it?

BG said...

Any sign of them today, Sept. 20? Any no parking signs posted anywhere indicating when more filming will take place? I am dying to see them shoot a scene.


I'm Atomic Media, BTW...I just forgot to sign my E-Mail with my more familiar name. Anyways, thanks fer th' info, Phant.

And Antonio, you'd think it would be, but it's really not. I've spent my whole life in this city, and I've only caught 2 Law & Order filmings by chance 'cayse they filmed a block away from BMCC where I was goin' at the time. One filming was fer th' episode Gaijin between Jay and Harrison, and the other ep (whose name I forgot) was filmed on th' same block between Duane and Jay.

Other'n that, I've only seen crews around but without their doin' actual filmin'. I could've gone to seen them filmin' Spider-Man back in 2003, but I was workin' the days they filmed. Same with this movie here which's right in my back yard.