September 10, 2006

September 10 in Torino

BB & WTC PRE 9/11, originally uploaded by borderfilms (Doug).

In a matter of hours, it will be September 11, 2006. Five years have passed. The memories become less immediate, but they never go away. I remember. We remember.

At 1030 am tomorrow, I will take off from Milan Milapensa Airport to Newark. The 9/11 flight date is not a coincidence. I flew that day in 2001, from JFK to Providence, only to hear of the attack upon my arrival. I flew from Heathrow to JFK on 9/11/2002, to make my little statement. Tomorrow, I will fly Milan-Newark with my memories, and I will be wearing the same t-shirt with a small American flag on it that I wore in 2002.

Upon arriving in Newark, I will take the train back to NYC, switching to the PATH subway that will have me pass through the World Trade Center station. I remember.


Spent a day walking around the lovely city of Torino today. The streets are surprisingly empty today--I guess the locals stay with family on a Sunday. Many stores were closed.

The streets are mostly of large stone blocks, like NY s cobblestones, only smoother and much larger. You feel the hardness of them through your shoes.

People here beautiful and kind. Weather cool, perfect.

I walked up to the Cinema Museum. It is in a very tall structure north of here. There are lots of exhibits on Torino s film history, many little theaters. ( Can t make apostrophe mark as I can t figure out this Italian keyboard )

Tonight, a nice with wine. Tomorrow, early wakeup call, then off to Malpensa. See you in New York.


Antonio from Italy said...

I've been away from your blog for too long, but now I'm back and I saw this post about my city :-)
Yes, Torino is a lovely city, and after the Winter Olympic Games it got a new value to visitors' eyes.
That day (Sept 10th) was the last one with a very good and warm weather. People use to go out on Sundays, shops are closed generally. But bars and restaurants are open. And of course the museums. Cinema Museum is in a building called Mole Antonelliana, over 165 metres tall. It was meant to be a synagogue, but before it was finished it was sold to the city council (it was at the end of 19th century) and the spire was added. There's a panoramic view from up there and the Alps are clearly visible. Further south from this building there's the Egyptian Museum, one of the best of the world.
I hope you enjoyed your time in Torino!

Antonio from Italy said...

I read you stayed at Turin Palace Hotel. It's the top rated hotel in Torino, but unfortunately it's not in a very quiet position. With the main railway station right outside and all the traffic of the nearby Corso Vittorio Emanuele it's quite a noisy place. More, that area is frequented by immigrants from all over the world and not all of them are legal immigrants.
Did you know that in that hotel Madonna spent a couple of nights when she came to Torino for her concert in 1988?
Torino is also famous for its delicious chocolate, undoubtedly the best in Italy (and maybe the best in Europe).
Glad you liked the place ;-)

The Phantom said...


My time in Italy was very short. But it was long enough to make me want to come back.

I went to the Cinema Museum in that grand building, and must write about it.

God, I love Italy. I'll be back. Save me a table.