September 25, 2006

WTC: " Jody Tededino 9/11 Memorial Way " Named in Bay Ridge

" A “lovely, young” Bay Ridge woman, who perished in the World Trade Center terror attacks, was immortalized on what would have been her 44th birthday when her family and friends assembled to help co-name a local intersection, “Jody Tepedino 9/11 Memorial Way.” "

I read this article from a recent issue of Bay Ridge Courier.

I've seen the Bay Ridge Courier before, but wasn't aware that it was online. Well, they'll now be blogrolled here.

The article does not say exactly where the intersection named for Jody Tepedino is located, but as the gathering was by Circles Restaurant, it implies that it's at the corner of Third Avenue and 69th Street ( Bay Ridge Avenue). That's about one block away from where I live.

I'm sorry that, five years later, it is only now that I become aware of someone living so close to me that died that day. God bless, Jody Tepedino.


Anonymous said...

Kinda of off-topic, but where can you buy the "hard copy" of the Courier? I've looked all over Bay Ridge, but I can't find it anywhere. It used to be readily available.

The Phantom said...

I have no idea. Will look around.

The Phantom said...

ridge resident

I saw it in the candy store on the corner of 69th St and Fourth Avenue ( NW corner, next to the diner )

Its in the back row of newspapers.

I think that the larger stationery stores should have it...but its not a big seller, so you may have to ask.

Anonymous said...

She lived in my building at 79th and Sixth. Great person, left a young daughter.