October 07, 2006

Baseball: Yankees Eliminated from Playoffs

Well, the Detroit Tigers have just elimininated the Yankees from the American League playoffs. They've been dismissed three games to one in the first round. In most convincing manner.

Last night, Kenny Rogers, whose resume is littered with choke peformances in big games, grew a backbone and pitched a masterpiece, the game of his life.

Today, it was young Bonderman who pitched into the ninth with attitude and without fear. He left with an 8-1 lead in the ninth, soon to be the winning pitcher in the 8-3 game that sends the Tigers one step closer to the World Series.

I'm a two fisted New York fan who roots for both Mets and Yankees. So this is a sad day. The only real good thing about it is that it assures me that there will not be another Subway Series with the Yankees playing the Mets. When we had one of those in 2000, I hated it. It was as though your twin sons were playing one another in a boxing match. You're supposed to choose? I didn't want to. This year, I will not have to.

There will be a lot of really angry Yankee fans now. A lot of that anger will be directed at Alex Rodriguez, their third baseman who is the highest paid player in the game. He has the reputation as a player who fails in big games, and his very weak offensive performance here will mean that he's the eye of a very nasty storm more than ever before. He may wish to consider the witness protection program.

All I can say is Lets Go Mets. A very cohesive and happy team that may win their first round against the LA Dodgers tonight. The Mets could advance on the same day the Yankees are eliminated. The changing of the guard in New York City baseball.

And congratulations to the Detroit Tigers. A good bunch of players led by the great manager Jim Leyland in a town that really loves the game of baseball. I tip my hat to you. Until you face the Mets in the World Series, a real possibility. Then the Tigers will be tamed. But tonight, celebrate a victory well earned.

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