October 24, 2006

Sanitation Cop Busts Bulbs in front of Bensonhurst Sushi Joint--Then Tickets Restaurant for "Dirty Sidewalk"

Today's NY Daily News provides a story of a Sanitation Agent who smashed a large fluorescent bulb in front of a sushi restaurant...and who then
slapped the owner with a ticket for failing to keep the sidewalk clean.

Only one problem...the agent's activities were captured by a surveillance camera.

This type of thing happens often enough in NY...where malicious or quota-obsessed cops or agents give phony tickets. I recall a good few of these complaints coming from Bensonhurst, too. Could the malefactor here thought that the Asian-American restaurant owner would be too scared to file a protest? Wrong.

If the News is correct here, this agent needs to be fired. Sometime before he goes to jail.

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