October 15, 2006

Mets Not Dead Yet

shea stadium, originally uploaded by Jeff Jedras.

The Mets live. Baseball will be played at the big Shea again this year.

As predicted by Brookyn Met Fan on October 15, Oliver Perez came up big. And the hitters absolutely crucified the Cardinals. As of this post, the Mets lead 12-5 in the bottom of the seventh, after home runs by an unconscious Delgado, another by an awakening David Wright, and two by a Carlos Beltran who could not be more zoned in.

After yesterday, it looked like the Mets were on their way to a quick exit. No more. They looked awesome tonight, and they could soon be prepping for a Motown-Midtown World Series.


Today's papers report that the apartment Corey Lidle's plane crashed into belonged to
Kathleen Caronna. You probably don't know her name, but if you're from this area, you remember her--she's the woman who was hit by a falling lamppost hit by a float in the 1997 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

''How do you go through two major things like this?'' Caronna's sister-in-law, Lisa Brown, told the paper. ''It's spooky. It's very spooky.''



Now that's just a freaky ass coincidence. Think she should consider movin'.

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