December 03, 2006

Bobby and Keri and the Trains

Bobby came up from Wayne, PA and rode the D train like a champ. Here he holds the pole between 36th and Pacific Street. That look? He was playing around with an "Elvis sneer". I didn't know kids less than nine years old knew about Elvis!

We moved on to the E train. Here, Bobby and his cousin Keri were writing silly notes for me. I passed sillier responses back, all the way to Lexington and 53rd Street.

Riding the escalator at 53rd and Lex- Keri, her dad (my brother in law)Steve, Bobby the wild man, his mom (my sister) Helen.

We went to the wonderful "The Station"model train exhibit at Citicorp Center. There are many model trains rattling around there, through a mockup route that runs from a 1950w Weehawken NJ, with NYC in the background, up to "the Catskills" and beyond. These photos don't really do the trains justice, but trust me--this is a wonderful exhibit that any kid or adult should come in to see. It's free, in the basement lobby at Citicorp Center.

There is great detail here-in the trains ( my favorite- the North Pole Express, with flatcars with huge presents on them--also Pennsylvania Railroad trains, trams ), grade crossings, a movie theater showing "High Noon", a guy ice fishing, a little house being built, with a very little man sawing wood, etc. Its wonderful. The kids liked the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, but they liked this much more. See it.

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic. Was wondering what to do with my kids during our morning in NYC on Dec 30. Model trains sound fantastic and I can tell them about my time working in the building (the slanty roof building) as they all know it. I have a five-year-old who is train-obsessed.