December 25, 2006

Meeting Jack Dempsey

Want to hear a wonderful New York story?

ozoni11 has one for you!

"In 1955 (a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away) my parents took me and my brother to New York City to see the World Series. Yes, it was the Brooklyn Dodgers vs. the New York Yankees. It was a thrill for a young baseball fan like me. It was even more thrilling when Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall took the two seats in front of us.
After one of the games we went to a restaurant owned by former Boxing Heavyweight
Champion of the World, Jack Dempsey. I was a little bit of a practical joker. I had a fake pack of chewing gum that snapped on your finger when you pulled a piece of gum out. I did it to a man at the next table—he turned out to be a friend of Jack Dempsey. He asked me to play the trick on Dempsey. He called him over to the table and I offered him the gum—snap. He laughed…and my brother and I ended up on Jack Dempsey’s lap and this photo was taken. Notice that the movie, “Oklahoma” had just opened and was playing across the street. A typical New York crowd gathered at the window to catch a glimpse of Dempsey and they help make this photo complete. I’m in the dark jacket and my brother, Ron, is in the light jacket and tie."

If that isn't a perfect photo, or story, I don't know what is!


Anonymous said...

could that be David Berkowitz, Son of Sam, in the window?

The Phantom said...


There certainly is a resemblance!!

David Vance said...

It's a classic!