December 18, 2006

New York City Subway Video

Bay Ridge / Bensonhurst straphangers will recognize the N train exiting the tunnels into the open air.

Steven Bornhotz's ten minute film is made with great skill and love.

Trip goes along through the N, 7, and D line through Brooklyn and Queens. It ends with lovely images of 1940s vintage trains as they go on a recent "fan trip"/

Play with sound on!


Anonymous said...

That was great. I loved the 7 train footage the best as that's the train I remember best. Not just for the Mets but because as a kid I lived in Jackson Heights.

I remember when I was v. young (c 1971) being on trains that seemed older than the vintage trains in the film. I have clear memories of being on a few RR (now the N line) trains out of Astoria that had straw like benches. Maybe a maroon or purple interior, but I'm very fuzzy on that.

The Phantom said...

Glad you liked it. I knew you would--when I was an "expat" in the Navy, on Guam, I loved seeing any images of NYC on the tv or newspaper or whatever.

I will be posting some other images of the subway soon. There's a number of them on Google Video.

BTW, I went on one of those old train "fan trips" a couple of years ago, on one of the old IND cars like you saw at the end of this video I really loved it. As a kid, I loved trains, I love them still, and riding those old trains brought back so very many memories.

If you're a train geek like me, or a history buff, the NYC Transit Museum in downtown Brooklyn is very highly recommended.

Anonymous said...

I went to the transit museum once. 1991, I believe. I was working at 111 Wall St. and I went at lunchtime. I've always loved the subway (more than any love for trains generally).

When I first moved to Ireland I was doing a course and I had to make a 3 minute impromptu speech. I made mine on how much I was going to miss the NYC Subway system. The teacher said it was the best, most heartfelt speech she'd ever experienced in those circumstances.

And, my grandfather died on the subway. 1948, way before I was born, he died at 40th Street / Lowery St. on the Flushing IRT (7) line.