December 10, 2006

Nixon Comes to China at the Raccoon Lodge

Don't know who's supposed to be Nixon, and the Raccoon looks more like a used auto-parts store than it does China, but I found myself there this past Friday.

I got there by means of a little wager. I must be the only "right-wing" (by NYC standards anyway)guy who won a political bet this past election. But I did, which was like picking a needle in a haystack on a windy night.

In the aftermath of Ned Lamont's defeat of Joe Lieberman in the CT Democratic primary, I said that Joe would win in the General Election. Darcy James Argue took me up on a wager that entailed a few beers, a bag of potato chips and five bucks for the jukebox, going to the winner at a bar of the winner's choice. So, I won, and Darcy was true to his word. We met this past Friday at the Raccoon Lodge for some friendly conversation with Darcy and Lindsay Berenstein of Majikthise.

Darcy is the ringleader of the jazz big-band Secret Society and the blog of the same name. I've never heard the band play live, but if the audio clips linked to his blog are any indication, they're really good. Darcy, you've been blogrolled. Hope to see you again sometime.

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