January 21, 2007

Bay Ridge Internet Pharmacy

So I was shopping around the internet the other day. I was looking to buy a certain brand of shampoo (really!) and the cheapest quote came from a place called Alleon Pharmacy. Imagine my surprise when I found it was only about four blocks away--at 6823 Fort Hamilton Parkway.

Once you order over the internet, you can then choose to have the product shipped anywhere--or just stop in the store the next day and pick it up. Which is what I will do tomorrow, after work.

Their website is here.

They can also be accessed thruogh yahoo shopping, where their customer reviews are mostly very good.

Glad to see a Bay Ridge business selling nationally, using the internet!


The wood barriers are down over the old Lento's at Third and Ovington. The exterior of the store looks good. The sign says that the name of the new restaurant is Yellow Hook Lounge. Yellow Hook is the old name for Bay Ridge.


It is sad to see that two young women died recently on Kauai, Hawaii.

Cousins Elizabeth Ann Brem, a 35-year-old lawyer and mother from Encinitas, Calif., and Paula Gonzalez Ramirez, 29, a businesswoman from Bogota, Colombia, fell to their deaths Dec. 19 after apparently taken a wrong turn on a trail. This was an unauthorized trail, not the somewhat marked Kalalau Trail that I went on two and a half weeks ago.

There were a couple of points on the Kalalau Trail where, if someone were to stumble the wrong way, a deadly fall could follow.


duchess said...

Back when there wasn't a Duane Reade and Rite Aid and CVS and Eckerd on every corner, my family and I went to Alleon Pharmacy for everything. Even now, we try to go there first.

The Phantom said...

Its good to see a little guy using the internet to stay alive and prosper, even after the giants have come in.

And recent experience shows that little pharmacists like Lowens, and presumably Alleon have BETTER prices on prescriptions than the chain drugstores.

I'll always try to shop as much as possible in our surviving neighborhood pharmacies

Lee-Shak said...

hey phantom--keep up the great work--i love your site..was thinking of planning to trip to HW in may and was wondering how much it all costs--where did you stay? how much was airfare?

any help would be appreciated--thanks

The Phantom said...


Thanks for the kind words. I have been feeling guilty about not posting enough!

Assume you live in NYC area?

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