April 13, 2007

John Batchelor Show to Replace Lionel?

We've noted that WOR's Lionel will be moving to Air America as of May 14.

is the lefty talk show host who flirts with 9/11 conspiracy nuts, and thinks that anyone who disagrees with him is stupid as well as wrong. Well, he's leaving powerhouse WOR to go to an Air America that has more employees than it does listeners. Which makes me think that the move wasn't exactly voluntary.

Could WOR be clearing the decks for the return of the great John Batchelor Show? They'd have no competition in the evening talk slot. WABC has replaced Batchelor with an empty suit blowhard, and who wants to listen to that.


Anonymous said...

Oh, God I hope so. I miss John's thoughtful, "just the facts" approach to complex geopolitical issues./ I am so tired of the "left v right" talk shows where some unemployed forklift driver from Brooklyn weighs in with his views on the Middle East. John Batchelor didn't take listeners calls. Please please please be true.

Anonymous said...

Phantom Steve Malzberg replace Lionel he's on now 9-11 pm. Malzberg is a good guy hes a former WABC guy, and replaced Bob Grant from time to time, keep up the good work.

The Phantom said...


Malzberg is OK, but God I miss Batchelor. Something's not right, it has been far too long with no news.

Colortini said...

I've been existing in the equivalent of an informational black hole since JB was taken off the air. He developed sources that were always ahead of the curve. He was also the only talk show host that was kind enough to respond to a personal email. Perhaps he is using this time to rest up and come back with renewed energy. I do hope he is given another show.

-A friend in South Carolina

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with all of you. Last summer i went to bed at 10pm ET listening to John Batchelor until 1 am. He is the best geopolitical commentator i have ever heard. I cannot understand how great talent like that can just sit around without a time slot in radio networks. how can we get him back? he was sitting in sunday night for drudge but we need him every night.

The Phantom said...

Sunday was a funny day.

I was thinking about the Batchlor Show, then, that evening, tuned in to Drudge, as I do every week, and there was Batchelor!

It was a good "fix". I could not believe I was hearing him again.

Big time kudos for Drudge for letting John do that.

And yeah, it is time to get Batchelor back on prime time. On real radio, not XM or Sirius.

Maybe last Sunday was a sign that someone is thinking of something? Hope so.

Anonymous said...

I loved the John Batchelor Show.

However he could post some news to his blog and let us know from time to time.

JB are you listening? Please give just let us know

Anonymous said...

Man, I hope they get John Back. It's almost a year. Someone who can get to John, needs to tell him, he needs to let us know what going on.
I miss his program in this dangerous, confused world.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I have found people who understand exactly how I feel. I wish JB would come back now. I agree it would be nice to know what is going on. I hardly ever listen to abc since they took him off the radio.

Anonymous said...

Some news for the hopeful...John Batchelor will be interviewed on C-Span 1 this Sunday, Sept. 23 at 8 pm, repeated at 11 pm.

The subject is Brian Lamb's praise
for the discontinued ABC Radio Network John Batchelor Show, and Brian
Lamb's puzzlement why a show that dominated its daypart in its
markets, especially New York, in all demographics for five years,
9/12/01 - 9/1/06, is not back on the air.

In the conversation, Brian Lamb and John Batchelor discuss talk radio,
how the John Batchelor Show arose out of the crisis of 9/11, how the
John Batchelor Show was surprisingly different from the routine talk
radio, how John Batchelor prepared daily for the show, and how the
correspondents on the show all over the world, six continents, were
generous and tireless with their contributions over many years.

Unknown said...

The John Batchelor program was outstanding radio! On more than one occasion, John was weeks ahead of the rest of the media on an issue. He had the best guests on radio and covered more ground in one program than most hosts do in a week. Bring back John and Kate Smith!

Anonymous said...

I can only hopw that John Batchelor will keep his promise he made to his loyal listeners and return to radio. It puzzles me as well why someone so dominant in regards to listener loyality and subject knowledge would not of been seen as a crown jewel to be had by one of the competing stations. His silenced voice did a great disservice to all. It has to be more than monetary reasons because he was number one in his time slot which attracted top advertisers who provided top revenue.