June 21, 2007


Alright you guys, we're gonna take shifts guarding this thing. Eric, you take the Towers tonight!

Gentile Meets With Buckeye Pipeline Company

City Hall – Council Member Vincent Gentile, along with Council Members Sara Gonzalez and Domenic Recchia of Brooklyn and Joe Addabbo of Queens met with representatives from Buckeye Partners to discuss the safety of the fuel pipeline that runs to JFK airport. They went over the security measures along the pipeline, the map of the route of the pipeline, and the relationship Buckeye has with FDNY.

The pipeline across New York City transports nearly ten million gallons of fuel every day and for forty years they have run without any serious injuries or fatalities. The pipeline is monitored with sensors electronically, as well as with employees of Buckeye on foot, in vehicles and with aerial cameras. The pipeline is buried at least three feet below ground and the visible white pipes are merely markers and are not connected to the fuel pipeline. The Council Members were told that walking, driving, hanging out, or even barbequing directly over land along the pipeline will have no effect on the pipeline. Shutoff valves are in place at every mile and can be accessed by FDNY in case of emergency. Lastly, no part of the pipeline goes underneath any homes or private property; the pipeline in Brooklyn runs along the waterfront and then mainly goes along LIRR track or public streets.

“I have been assured that the pipeline is well regulated by Federal Law and well protected against accidents or terrorism. Buckeye Partners carefully addressed the safety of our constituents and they will continue to discuss their security measures with us. I am pleased that they have been receptive to our concerns and I plan to keep the dialogue open with them so they can address any additional concerns I have,” Gentile said.

Councilman Recchia added, “I was pleased to be able to discuss the security of the pipeline with Buckeye Partners. It is important to be able to assess the situation and work with the appropriate people to ensure the safety of Brooklyn residents.”

Council Member Gentile is looking to hold town hall meetings in the future to address concerns the community has about the pipeline.


Eric Kuo of Councilman Gentile's office advises that the pipeline consists of two separate piipes--one for heating oil and and another for jet fuel. Mystery solved.


From The Brooklyn Paper
A masked intruder broke into a Bay Ridge Avenue apartment and sexually assaulted an off-duty NYPD officer at knifepoint — setting off a manhunt Wednesday night through the normally quiet residential neighborhood.

The attacker, whom cops identified as a white man wearing a mask, broke into the female officer’s apartment near Colonial Road {and 69th Street] at around 7:30 pm on Wednesday, entering through a door or window, police said.

The manhunt was still underway Thursday night.

Update from Friday's Daily News

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