June 23, 2007

Bill Lee, Montreal Expo, in 1979.

Bill Lee, then on the Montreal Expos, is interviewed after pitching a complete game shutout against the Phillies. All was going well with the Expos, back in 1979.

I attended the Montreal Expos' first game ever, in 1969, as well as their last game ever, in 2004. Both games were at Shea Stadium in New York. After the 2004 season, the franchise was relocated to Washington DC.


Eagle said...

I saw two games in Montreal. First one was in 1979 against Los Angeles and the last one was in 2005 against the Mets.

The Stadium was horrendous, even when I was there in 1979. Fans were too far away from the action and there was ZERO atmosphere. The carpet was terrible.

When I was there in 2005 it was worse. Like a giant morgue. 5,000 fans there (at most).

I always wonder if baseball would have done better in Montreal if they'd had a better ball park.

Anonymous said...

They'd have done better even with little Jarry Park.

The Olympic Stadium was a horror. I attended two games there also...the last two games in 2002 I think.

Cold. Massive. Concrete. Lifeless.

Took Amtrak from NYC to Montreal.What a pretty ride.


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