July 15, 2007

David Lind Band Sings "Bay Ridge Avenue"

Did you go to OLA? Or did you go to PS 102? Either way, you'll like this "Bay Ridge Avenue" song by the local
David Lind Band Good luck, guys.

David, I would have posted a photo with this, but it overlapped with the song playing widget, so the widget stays and the photo goes!


Anonymous said...

Thanks a million, phantom. Hopefully "Bay Ridge Avenue" will reach more Bay Ridge natives through your blog.
By the way, David Lind Band is currently based in Madrid, Spain. But I still carry Bay Ridge in my heart. My buddy Billy (from the song) is currently living and working in New Jersey.

Keith said...

You can take the boys outta Bay Ridge, but you'll never take Bay Ridge outta the boys!

Thanks for putting my PS 102 buddy Dave Lind's song on your blog. Be glad you didn't know him when he was ten. His mom always fed us the most godawful homemade peanut butter... ;-)

The Phantom said...


Holy cow!

Was there a few years ago. Loved the ham bocadillos at Museo de Jamon. Feel like flying over there right now to get one.

David Lind said...

Spanish jamón is usually an acquired taste. You must be gastronomically adventurous. Did you try the pulpo?

As for my buddy Keith's comment (he's a vegan, so we'll keep him out of the jamón conversation), I'm afraid I can't rise to my mom's defence in this case. Those peanut butter sandwiches were outright disgusting. She used to buy the peanut butter from this health food store on 3rd Ave. They would squeeze the peanut butter of this machine, which was kind of like an orange squeezer but only 100 times slower. The gook that came out is what they called "natural." Only problem was it was so thick you couldn't spread it on your bread without tearing it apart. Funny what your friends remember, though.

David Lind said...

And here's the video:

David Lind said...

HD version of Bay Ridge Avenue music video here: