July 15, 2007

Sunday Music: Linda Ronstadt on the Johnny Cash Show

A young and not yet famous Linda Ronstadt appears on the Johnny Cash Show, in 1969 and 1970. She sings "The Only Moma That'll Walk the Line". Then together they sing the country standard "I Never Will Marry"

Beth pointed out that the links to Bay Ridge/Brooklyn Paper and to bayridge.com did not work. She was right, and I've now fixed them. "Bayridge.com" is actually "bayridge.net" now.

Bad News for Downtown R Train Riders-Cortlandt St to remain closed
The Cortlandt Street station will remain closed for a couple of years, reports Downtown Express

"The opening of the revamped Cortlandt St. N/R station was postponed six months last fall, but now, M.T.A. representative Uday Durg said, it will remain closed for the foreseeable future. The M.T.A.’s work on the station has been complete for months, but the station entrance sits within the Port Authority’s staging area for World Trade Center construction. The M.T.A. and the Port had been working to find a solution, but those efforts have not been successful. Therefore the station will stay closed until the Port is done using the site — 2009 at the earliest, according to Port representative Quentin Brathwaite."

Oh, hell.

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