July 03, 2007

The Hero of Glasgow Airport

When terrorists attacked Glasgow Airport on Saturday, baggage handler John Smeaton was out having a cigarette when he spotted a burning jeep and a man in flames grappling with a policeman.

"So I ran straight towards the guy, we're all trying to get a kick-in at him, take a boot to subdue the guy." He fought the attacker and helped bring him to the ground.

As quoted in the (London) Times, he says "Glasgow doesnae accept this, if you come tae Glasgow, we'll set about you."

This guy has brass balls. And there a LOT more people like him than you think, in Glasgow, in New York, everywhere.

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MemyselfandI said...

I'm originally from Glasgow and as soon as I seen the terrorist attack at the airport I immediately said 'What on earth are they thinking of,they'll get their heads kicked in.'Then again if the death wish fails Smeaton might get ye!Gon yersel Scotland.Totally bombproof.