August 15, 2007

Bay Ridge Tornado Damage - One Week Later

329 Bay Ridge Avenue

This morning, I took a walk down 68th Street between Third and Fourth Avenues. There are still green, red or yellow stickers on many front doors.

Here is the status of the houses as I see it. If I've made any errors, please point them out:

68th Street

  • 370- Restricted Entry
  • 366- Inspected
  • 364 Inspected
  • 360 Restricted Entry
  • 358 Restricted Entry
  • 354, 352, 350, 348- Vacate / Unsafe
  • 344 Inspected
Major sidewalk damage on 68th Street, from tree uprootings I think:
  • 343
  • 357
There are crews from "Enviral Restoration" working on some of the houses on the block.

There are police on the block keeping an eye on things 24 hours a day.

Kirk and others in the neighborhood said that:
  • the City, State, Feds ( yes, FEMA was here ) and the Red Cross did an unbelievably good job cleaning up the block and providing aid to the shell-shocked residents who had to vacate their homes.
  • Twenty four hours after the storm hit, all the trees and other major obstructions had been removed. The block was in "broom swept" condition.
  • State Senator Marty Golden made sure that that governmental agencies responded, with the proper level of aid, right away. Mayor Bloomberg did everything that a mayor could possibly have done, but lets face it, Marty was the demanding coach who let nothing slip.
  • Time Warner Cable guys were working in the backyards today, replacing cable
  • There are signs reporting that there is a major failure of a Verizon cable.

On Bay Ridge Avenue ( 69th Street ) observed status as follows:
  • 357 Inspected
  • 353 Restricted Entry
  • 351 Restricted Entry / Vacate
  • 349, 347, 345, 341 339, 337, 335, 333, 329 Vacate/Unsafe Conditions
  • 327 Inspected
I believe that "Inspected" means that the exterior of the property has been inspected, with no visible defects

343 68th Street


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update!

Anonymous said...

Joan says, 370-68th restricted, man are you "lucky"!

The Phantom said...

I spoke to them today. They are allowed into their house, which is not damaged.

The restriction is because a big chunk of metal was blown into their backyard--they're essentially not allowed into the backyard until the thing is removed, that's all.

Anonymous said...

I noticed you mentionmed 'Enviral Restoration' from smithtown, NY. This company is a bunch of crooks. The owners Jimmy and Joe Stole $15,000 from me this past april. Please be aware of these people and their crews in your homes!

Anonymous said...

I just came upon this thread while searching about the company ENVIRAL RESTORATION from SMITHTOWN, NY. I had troubled dealings with them too - they have very crafty techniques to con you into signing their paper work. That Joe fellow makes all sorts of promises that I found to eventually be completely false. They say anything to get you to sign. They lied and told me my claim was covered by the insurance company - what a crock! They promised me I would have no out of pocket expenses and then billed me $47,000.00 I coulc'nt believe it! They also left mold behind some of my walls and had the nerve to say it was from another loss and it would be another $7,000.00 to clean it all up. DON'T TRUST ENVIRAL RESTORATION from SMITHTOWN, NY.

Anonymous said...

I had the same terrible experience with those enviral restoration guys right here in Brooklyn. I think that they are enviral restoration from Deer Park, NY though. I think it's the same company they have a jim and joe there too - they are a bunch of crooks!

Anonymous said...

I don't understand your comments about Enviral Restoration, Joe is a very professional and honest person who go way above the call of duty. I should know, they did a major flood clean up at my home. SMOKE SOME MORE YOU BOZOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!