August 20, 2007

Bay Ridge Tornado: Need Wood?

If you need some wood for the fireplace, head on up to Fifth Avenue, between Senator and 67th Street. Big pile of it there.

This big hunk of metal was blown into my next door neighbor's backyard by the tornado. He's not allowed to enter the yard until its gone. But the City has made no move to remove the thing, and my neighbor can't remove it without entering the yard!


Anonymous said...

One post-tornado observation ... the Waldbum's sign is gone from the former Duane Reade at Senator and 4th. Did it blow away??? Or, are the rumors of yet another 99cent store true? Say it aint so

The Phantom said...

I fear it is employee at the Laundromat next door said it would be a 99 cent store.

Take heart, the guy will go out of business soon, and maybe we will once more have something useful

It aint gonna be a Waldbaums...I called them but they did not contact me back, and then I am reading that they are closing stores out elsewhere in Brooklyn. They are contracting not expanding